What we do

Our goal is to develop high-quality and functional digital-products that are user-friendly despite having a complex internal structure.

MVK Technologies work is based on the user experience. Whatever we do, we do it for our clients and partners only. We are 100 % sure that if our product meets all the demands of customers and even more, then people will continue to work with us on a regular basis.

Our work is based on three courses:

  • We explore the user base, find out the weaknesses of competitors, provide usability-testing of interfaces.
  • We find the best solutions for your business which definitely will win over users.
  • We develop truly functioning products. Thanks to using Node.JS, React, Webpack and Redux, we create the best solutions for front-end and back-end development.

Our team of talented people develops the product structure based on prototypes and designs it at every point of development. We can handle the interfaces of all types and every complexity! Using modern technologies, we make the ideas come true and we develop competitive products.

We also do

App Design

Application markets are growing in size as mobile technologies evolve from year to year, bringing up new quality benchmarks. Content optimization and adaptation to various tech parameters like multi-platform and multi-device support are now the main issues for those who work on mobile applications. The goal is to create an app that provides unique user experience, allowing to stand out from the huge pool of similar solutions and therefore survive in tough competition.

Game Design

User experience is the main factor of any game application, keeping the audience engaged. Efficient game design is what triggers the whole development process, resulting in a smart application with unique image and high user ratings. We focus on innovative game design, which considers multiplatform support and working functionality, all inspired by the latest technologies. Known fact, enjoyable game is the one pleasant to look at.

Creative Ideas

Exploring the company background and its strategic vision, analyzing the latest industry flows, we develop unique representation materials empowered with creative design. Any remarkable product is founded on an original idea, which generates notable customer perception. The right image creates publicity, so important to be a supreme market player. Our expert team produces powerful ideas for constructive communication with the audience.

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