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No news, loads of valuable time must be invested in creation of high quality content. Some would even add the factor of individual talent to the mastery of combining proper words in decent pieces of text. Well, this is not far from the truth. However, many talented writers often get into a blind alley while searching how to sound more captivating. And this is the moment when online dictionaries come for help. Rewrite Online is in fact more than a dictionary – it will help you operate not just words, but literally blocks of text.

Initially, Rewrite Online is a language service working as a search engine for synonyms and antonyms, which provides competently selected subsets of vocabulary for you to choose the best context match and use while writing something new or correcting already existing extracts. Note that it is possible to enter connected phrases, not just word by word. You will be surprised how fast and simple it is to get substitutes for separate text items.

Rewrite Online is a perfect tool for those who work with any kind of writing – let it be a novel, a master thesis, a magazine article or a commercial newsletter. In any case, there is an opportunity to get rid of recurring words and enhance the text with way more elegant vocabulary. Worth noticing, Rewrite Online database is regularly updated by the qualified lexicographers, which keeps the service truly applicable and up-to-date.

What about intense work with a dozen of similar extracts? Imagine you can wrap the same information in several different pieces of text. This is related to content spinning – yes, now you are well equipped to perform it automatically. All you need to do is just enter the text, highlight the piece that you would like to modify and you will see the list of suggested words. In the end, you get several versions of one text to be used for various purposes. All the texts can be stored, so that any moment you are free to come back to the desired part of work and continue with text processing.

So why would anyone need such a service at all? The answer is pretty obvious: nowadays information is spread in huge volumes, and the form of its representation often influences the probability of reaching the target audience. People will just ignore the content that misses such criteria as uniqueness, informativeness and readability. But with synonyms, you have more chances to replace some cliché phrases with more sophisticated vocabulary and express your ideas in a professional manner. On top of that, synonyms may help you avoid plagiarism.

In addition, content creation is one of the main elements within SEO strategy. Alternatively speaking, your language success directly influences the success of the promoted data source. In this connection, each word matters. Rewrite Online allows generating groups of key words that arise as synonyms to the most likely used search requests. Therefore, it is not just about content spinning, it is also about content promotion.

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